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Innovative Resource Management

 Our President, Russ Lloyd, embarked on this journey in 1989 where he initially worked as a sales director for a local waste transportation and disposal company. He quickly ascended through the ranks and become a national sales manager where he oversaw a large team of sales people serving the waste needs of industrial manufacturers.

In 1997, Russ began to fulfill his vision of owning his company by starting Innovative. By providing quick and reliable service for its customers, the company quickly grew from a grass roots organization to an organization that was widely respected in the industry. As the company continued to serve its current clients, they began to operate on a platform centered on research and development in effort to better serve its clients. This effort was championed by improving bottom line of its clients and to better serving our environment by offering a beneficial reuse platform for certain product streams.

In 2006, Innovative announced its arrival into the beneficial reuse market with a banner year, highlighted by its first barge movement. Through intensive research and networking, Innovative was able to treat and rework what was once a cost center for a major refinery into a useable secondary product and in doing so, Russ Lloyd, was able to see is vision become a reality.

Innovative now operates on a global scale providing product services and logistics coordination throughout North America, along with major exports into multiple other countries around the world. In doing so, Innovative is now your premiere partner to source your residual materials as a feedstock into a secondary market; thereby improving your bottom line and improving the sustainability of our environment.

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