Industrial Services

By-Product Market Development

IRM is a globally operating beneficial reuse company based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Innovative Resource Management recycles over 150,000,000 pounds of hazardous chemicals into products each year! Our success can be shared with the multiple services provided by our partners, such as Innovative Logistics. Take a look at the list of services that IRM has to offer and partner with us in our efforts in sustaining communities for generations to come.

Innovative Logistics, LLC

Innovative Logistics, LLC, was formed to provide a more reliable transportation service for our affiliate company, Innovative Resource Management. Today that service includes 300 shipments per month, and $6 million annually in competitively priced transportation cost.

Innovative Logistics provides transportation management services to move your
products utilizing our network of approved and insured transportation companies throughout the United States and Canada. Our professional transportaion specialists will
provide shipping documents and the right equipment when and where you need it to get your load moved safely and expeditiously.